Non-Profit Organization Serving adults with Chronic mental illness


Unlimited Abilities is a non-profit organization in Iowa City that provides Home and Community-Based Services - HCBS and Habilitation - HAB Housing to clients in Johnson and Linn County.

We currently have 8 HAB homes in these counties and serve adults with chronic mental illness.

In addition, we provide outreach services to clients who have their own housing. Our services are designed to help participants work on daily living skills, mental and physical health goals, socialization, and other adaptive skills necessary to live independently in the community.

Shirley Tramble founded Unlimited Abilities in 2017. Growing up, Shirley witnessed the hardship that comes with having a chronic mental illness. She watched as her close relative became isolated, confused, and sad.

As a result, Shirley became passionate about encouraging community integration, independence, and a sense of belonging for individuals with a chronic mental illness.


To break the stigma around mental illness and help individuals integrate independently into the community.


To provide client-centered care while promoting integrity, independence, and a sense of belonging.


Integrity: We are honest, trustworthy, and respectful of others. We build credibility by mirroring our words with our actions. We build relationships and earn trust.

Respect: We approach our work with humility, recognizing the value each person brings. We build caring relationships with the individuals we serve and within our teams and communities.

Inclusion: We embrace, celebrate, and value diversity. We create a safe and welcoming space for all. We act as passionate champions for each other and the people we serve.

Growth: We take an interest in continued self-improvement. We proactively share ideas and support each other to grow and develop. We work to improve people lives.

Board Members

Unlimited Abilities Inc

Gloria Wenman

Unlimited Abilities Inc

Sarah Varner

Vice President
Unlimited Abilities Inc

Hailey Behmer

Unlimited Abilities Inc

Unlimited Abilities Inc

Shirley Tramble

Executive Director or Founder